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Industrial Supplies


Our Inventory Includes:

  • Loctite ProductsA comprehensive selection of reliable adhesive and sealant solutions. Spray-on coatings to protect and enhance surfaces. Color-All products for a wide array of coloring needs. Krylon paints for lasting, vibrant finishes.

  • LubricantsRed Tek lubricants are designed to keep your machinery running smoothly.

  • Specialized Coating Sprays: Coating sprays to address specific protective and finishing requirements.

  • Casters: High-quality casters for smooth mobility and versatile applications.

  • Bessey ClampsPrecision clamps from Bessey to hold your work securely.

  • Wiring TerminalsTechspan wiring terminals for reliable electrical connections.

  • Cable TiesVersatile cable ties to help manage and secure your cables.

  • PaintsAn extensive selection of paints, including general-purpose and specialty products, rust preventative paints, and primers. Achieve beautiful, durable finishes for indoor, outdoor, or around-the-house projects.

We understand the importance of having the right industrial supplies to ensure the success of your projects.

Explore our wide range of products today in our one-stop-shop, and discover how our high-quality offerings can elevate your industrial and DIY endeavors.


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