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Diamond Cutting


Our Inventory Includes:

Diamond Cutting Products:

  • Core Cut

  • DSI

  • Dimas Lamage

  • Blades for Wet & Dry Cutting

  • Core Bits for Wet & Dry Cutting

  • Core Drill Rigs

  • Sanding Equipment

  • Floor Saws

  • Road Saws

  • Partner Gas Saws

Exceptional Quality and Recognition: Our products have earned widespread recognition as one of the industry's leading lines of diamond tools. Whether you're working on construction projects or working with stone, you can rely on our tools to deliver top-notch performance.
Blades for All Applications: Choosing the right blade for your cutting job is crucial. Our extensive range of blades caters to various applications and materials, ensuring you have the ideal blade for the task at hand. 

We consider factors like the application, the material to be cut, and the machine in which it will be used to determine the blade's properties, ensuring optimal performance. Count on Maritime Fastening System for superior diamond cutting tools that stand the test of time. Explore our range today and discover the perfect tools to make your cutting tasks precise and efficient.


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