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Fastening Systems & Accessories

Construction and Industrial Fastening

Welcome to MFS, your one-stop-shop for all
your fastening and tool needs

Discover the Power of Secure Connections with Maritime Fastening Systems!

Maritime Fastening System (MFS) is selection, service, and know how for the professionals in today's high-paced and demanding construction and industrial fastening fields. Find top line quality fastening systems and accessories, plus MFS has helpful twists when you're dealing with plan "B"!

When it is time to professionally finish your construction project, closing it in, starting an indoor renovation or refit, or looking for anchors for that new foundation, Maritime Fastening Systems is just that — Fastening Systems & Accessories — designed with and for the professional.

​Our staff are leaders in service and knowledge in the construction and industrial fastening fields.

At MFS, we will provide you with top line, quality fastening systems and accessories.

You want the right stuff? Visit us at 245 Collishaw street, Moncton, New Brunswick.

When you needed it yesterday, call us today!

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